We Are Hiring


We believe in empowering our employees to strive for a better professional and personal growth. Extend a transparent and ethical management and make them work with an open and happy mind.

A stimulating and challenging work environment to make them contribute to the development of the society.

We Zenix Remedies appoint the people who are well qualified, deligent and perserving individuals,we provide them stimulating and challenging work environment to deliver affordable and life saving drugs to the society.

We strongly believe that our employees are directly praportional to the company growth, so that we value our employees as our most important assets, so that we give them full freedom to carry out their respopnsibility which results high job satisfaction. We provide them financial security to enjoy better quality of life and for family health and safety.

We constantly strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with customers and clients, ethical behavior which makes the company transparency , which motivate us to be passionate towards work.

Send your detailed CV to contact@zenixremedies.com

Zenix Medical Solutions is an international supplier of a comprehensive line
of simulation training products